Brush Clearing: What Property Owners Need to Know & Hollywood Forever!

Hi everyone!

Don’t let a calendar full of BBQs, beach days and vacation this summer keep you from protecting your property from wildfires.  Now is the time to brush up on the LAFD guidelines for tree-trimming and brush-clearing and get that work done to keep your property safe.  Check out my new YouTube video to learn more.


Now for one of my favorite things about summers in LA: Movie screenings at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.  If you have never been, definitely check out the Cinespia calendar, reserve tickets and block out a night for picnicking under the stars and among the gravestones.  These showings are not nearly as creepy as you might think, and they are a great chance to get out and enjoy a cool night with friends, rosé and snacks!  This season offers a diverse mix including Sabrina, Poltergeist, and an all-night slumber party featuring Edward Scissorhands.  What’s not to love?


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