Do Pets Rule Your House?  And Down Payment Resources…

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This week I have to share this cute short video because our home is often ruled by our pets.  Let’s just say the Salerno pups know what it means to “dwell well”!  I know many of you can relate, so please enjoy!

Also, if you are interested in purchasing your first home but not sure you have enough saved up for your down payment, check out this online tool from the California Board of Realtors.  California has literally hundreds of programs for down payment assistance, and this online tool compiles government resources so you can see if you qualify for them in one place.  Take a look, and give me a call so we can discuss your options!


Brush Clearing: What Property Owners Need to Know & Hollywood Forever!

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Don’t let a calendar full of BBQs, beach days and vacation this summer keep you from protecting your property from wildfires.  Now is the time to brush up on the LAFD guidelines for tree-trimming and brush-clearing and get that work done to keep your property safe.  Check out my new YouTube video to learn more.


Now for one of my favorite things about summers in LA: Movie screenings at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.  If you have never been, definitely check out the Cinespia calendar, reserve tickets and block out a night for picnicking under the stars and among the gravestones.  These showings are not nearly as creepy as you might think, and they are a great chance to get out and enjoy a cool night with friends, rosé and snacks!  This season offers a diverse mix including Sabrina, Poltergeist, and an all-night slumber party featuring Edward Scissorhands.  What’s not to love?


Bidding Wars: Be Prepared for the Battle

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Bidding wars are increasingly common in today’s residential real estate market.  This is the case not just in LA or Southern California, but nationwide.  The New York Times recently published an article with tips on How to Win a Bidding War.

While every situation is different, of course, the article offers generally good advice.  As the NYT suggests, you must come in with a pre-approval (or at a minimum a pre-qualification) from a lender when you submit an offer.  You will also need to demonstrate that you have the down payment and funds to close escrow, ideally in the form of bank statements to be submitted with your offer.

I also encourage you to work with a real estate agent and an experienced mortgage broker with whom you feel comfortable.  Having professionals on your team not only takes pressure off yourself to deal directly with the seller’s agent, but also adds legitimacy to your offer. This is crucial in a bidding war when the last thing you want is for the seller to overlook your offer because they don’t take you seriously.

Additionally, multiple offer situations (bidding wars) are not the time to try to get a bargain.  If you are serious about purchasing this home and a number of other would-be buyers are serious about it too, be prepared to start at, near, or above asking price.  Certainly, some homes are overpriced and do not command the asking price, but when there are multiple offers, the asking price or fair price in your opinion becomes less important than “playing ball” with the negotiation process.

Finally, just as I (and the whole Dwell Well team) approach real estate with a personal touch, I often encourage clients to include a personal note regarding their household as a way to introduce themselves to the sellers.  While the personal connection is unlikely to persuade a seller to accept an offer significantly below that of other bidders, there is no harm in trying to get an edge any way you can.  On my end, I try to establish a rapport with the listing agent to extend that personal connection even further.

Ready to throw your hat into the ring?  Contact me and we will come up with a strategy and get you packing for your move!



Relieve the Pressure to Find the “Perfect” House

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This week I’d like to offer a suggestion for your home search: Take the pressure off yourselves to find the “perfect” home that will suit you for your lifetime.  Instead, focus on your housing needs for the next 3 years.  Check out my latest video on this topic!

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YouTube Channel and dineL.A. Restaurant Week

Hi all!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  This is where I hope to provide you with helpful tips and advice for owning and investing in LA real estate, plus fun ideas on new ways to Dwell Well in LA.

I am also thrilled to announce the launch of my YouTube channel – Adrienne’s Real Estate Tips.  Check out my first video here!

In other news, dineL.A. Restaurant Week is coming back this summer (July 18-31).  I look forward to dineL.A. as an excuse to try new restaurants around town.  This time around, I am thinking of trying Maré on Melrose, Simbal in Downtown, and Plant Food and Wine in Venice.  Check out LA Eater’s latest list of the best Restaurant Week deals for inspiration.

Where will Restaurant Week take you this summer?  Feel free to contact me with your Restaurant Week ideas, and for help with your real estate needs.



Hi all!  Thanks for visiting.  Helpful tips, tools and tricks on the LA real estate market, and fun ideas for discovering ways to Dwell Well in LA are coming soon.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me with your questions or comments.